Friday, March 11, 2011

Saint Patrick’s Day – Go Green!

Every festival has a special way of celebrating it, some special things, some special food, some special colors that are associated with it. And, when it is Saint Patrick’s Day we are talking about – Its all about color Green!

Saint Partick's Day - Go Green

The Green Connection

Saint Patrick’s Day is all about the fun, parades, eating green, drinking green and wearing green. In reality, the old Irish tradition has nothing to do with the way it is celebrated today especially the color green. It is just that for Irish, the color green is symbolic of fairies, angels and saints.

Nothing Greens Greener

Taking about wearing green and there is a saying that comes to my mind an old saying about emeralds ‘Nothing greens greener’. If you are someone like me who just needs a reason to wear jewelry, Saint Patrick’s is an excellent excuse to get your emeralds out and flaunt them in the spirit of the occasion.


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