Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Ring

They say Super Bowl teams don’t just fight for the Lombardi Trophy, the winners even get to wear some really fancy rings. The NFL pays for about 150 rings to be given to the winner team (including the players, staff, owners).

The ring shown above was given to the winners of the Super Bowl last year. The Super Bowl XLIV Championship0 rings for the New Orleans Saints were designed by famous New York Jeweler Tiffany & Co.

These rings also feature fleur-de-lis logo of New Orleans Saints with round diamonds. On the side of the ring is inscribed ‘World Champions’ in yellow gold and 16 diamonds signifying the number of games the team won in the series.

If you find these Super Bowl Rings fascinating, do browse through the ESPN’s special section on Super Bowl Rings with some really interesting ring stories.


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