Sunday, January 23, 2011

What is the Birthstone of January

It has been three weeks past the new year and it still takes to get adjusted to the fact that we are no more living in 2010 but 2011. Guess it is going to be few more weeks before I get accustomed to 2011.

But yes, the fact remains, and it is January; the month that has Garnet as its Birthstone. This gemstone is found in a wide spectra of colors but is mostly loved for their deep red hues. These deep red hue gemstone look absolutely gorgeous and were often found in antique jewelry. Even many of the historically famous rubies were later found out to be garnets.

Garnet January Birthstone

Garnet is also one of those very few rare gems that is used untreated in jewelry. This gemstone looks stunning in all kinds of jewelry and complements all kind of metals and colors.

Even hundred of years ago the gem was greatly valued as it was believed that the gem protects its wearer from all kinds of diseases and brings him honors.

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