Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bejeweled baby skull worth $50 Million

Baby Diamond Skull $50 Million

Here is a bejeweled baby skull that is causing much controversy in the UK. This latest work of Damien Hist has a real baby skull covered with diamonds in platinum. This sculpture that Hist has entitled ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ is the follow up to $100 million skull which he presented in 2007.

The skull is believed to be of a new born of less than two weeks from 19th Century. The skull in cast in all platinum and with more than 8000 white and pink diamonds by Bentley and Skinner Jewelers. The Diamond skull will be showcased at Gagosian Gallery, Honk Kong this month.

There have been many protest regarding using the baby skull to which Hist replied as "When you look at a skull, you think it represents the end, but when you see the end so beautiful, it gives you hope.”


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