Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthstone Jewelry – Does it really work?

I was somewhere reading about Birthstone Jewelry and that it has become quite popular concept these days. So many people these days are gifting birthstone jewelry to their friends and family on special occasions.

Birthstone Jewelry, it said makes a great personalized gift

So I decided to research a bit on Birthstones. I always thought that birthstones and birthstone jewelry were relatively new concept, more like a marketing strategy. But then I found that their birthstones and their history actually go more than few century back.

For thousands of years birthstones have been coveted for their influential powers and the ability to bless and protect its wearer. However, various cultures had a different list of birthstones and they also had a different ways of defining a birthstone.

Finally in the year 1912, Jewelers of America created a standard list of birthstones that they named as the list of Modern birthstones. And, that is how the current birthstones list that we hear about often came into existence.


Personally, I don’t know which stand to take. How much do these birthstones actually influence its wearer. I have heard of many stories from people where they said that since they started wearing their birthstone, they life has changed and that too for good.

I have never tried it myself so can’t really say. But then come to think of it again, till the time you feel even a bit that the birthstone will have positive affect on your life. Then you should go for it. After all, isn’t it just the way you look at it.

What is your take on it? Do you think Birthstone Jewelry actually works?

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